Contract Staffing

The term contract staffing (sometimes known as contract recruitment) refers to an employment arrangement, where an individual works for one company, but is actually an employee of a staffing company for a specified period of time, to complete a specific task, for a set pay rate.

Other common names include: contracting, contingent staffing, just-in-time staffing, outsourcing, flexible staffing, or temporary employment.


Unlike permanent hires, contract workers are usually needed on the job immediately. Additionally, because there is less risk in placing a contract worker than a permanent hire, your client can make a hiring decision fast.

Increase Staffing Alternatives

Temporary/contract candidates are often more specialized but unavailable for direct placement

Maintain Budget Controls

Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion by adding contract placements to your workforce.

Eliminated Bad Press from Layoffs

Avoid the impact on employee morale associated with downsizing employees

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