Embedded System

Embedded System is also known as integrated system due to its combination of hardware and software (also known as Firmware).

Many of the newbies want to know the working of the embedded system and its development life cycle?

As the name implies, it may be hardware or software integrated to perform a particular function. It uses a Microcontroller/Microprocessor to perform a single job. It is a stand-alone device with no operating system.

Examples may be washing machine, Music player, ATM, Vending machine, Data Logger etc.

Nowadays, Most of the devices run on the operating system. So, what is the need of an OS?
  • The user needs smarter devices capable of doing multiple jobs in less time.
  • Supports enough memory to run multiple applications.
  • Reusable and Stable with more software updates.
Seven steps to make your Embedded Product

Step1: Understand the requirements

First of all, you need to know and understand the end user specifications.

Step 2: Examine

Analyze the components (software and hardware) required to make the product.

Step 3: Design

It is the most critical phase of the development cycle. The developer needs to develop the embedded hardware and software individually and integrate both.

Step 4: Develop

The Programmer develops the Prototype using available hardware and software tools to match the customer specifications.

Note: Prototype is the sample version drawn up to test a concept.

Step 5: Test

The developer examines the application by running test cases to prove the possible potential of the prototype.

Step 6: Deploy

After testing the product, the developer checks the result in a real environment to realize the Proof Of Concept.

Note: Proof Of Concept is a technique used to validate an idea, but it may not be deliverable.

Step 7: Support and Upgrade

Depending on the user requirement, support and upgrade have to be provided to add new features at regular intervals.

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