Contract to Hire Staffing

A hybrid of temporary and direct hire, contract-to-hire is a way for clients and talent to test the waters. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to the company and see if the culture is a good fit. ... During the contract period, the talent is employed by the staffing firm.

The contract-to-hire process typically moves fairly quickly. Before entering into a contract-to-hire situation, clients should outline the terms – how talent will be evaluated and when the contract period ends. Clients should also maintain open lines of communication and provide consistent feedback to put the talent at ease. Once a permanent position is offered and accepted, talent transition from the staffing agency’s payroll to the client’s payroll.

Contract-to-hire offers many benefits for talent and employers when both have sincere intentions. Talent can rest assured that Pro Staff only partners with employers who are serious about hiring and have a long term need.

Flexibility to hire per project

enables an organization to assess the candidate for a predetermined period

Productivity starts immediately

The entire process of bringing contract-to-hire employee onboard is less time invasive

Cost Saving The company is not directly involved in managing the benefits and remuneration of an employee until he or she comes on board as a permanent employee.

Take a “Test Drive”

Hiring a contractor may also be a good way to give a potential employee “test drive”. We have all come across the candidate who looks great on paper, delivers a tremendous interview, but falls short of expectations once they are on the job. Bringing on an employee as a contractor first is a great way to gage an individual’s true value to your organization. If they do not live up to your expectation, you can amicably part ways once the contract expires.

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