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For a Startup to a mid-sized business, payroll can be a time-consuming operation. Whether it’s managing timesheets, the preparation of pay slips, salary payments, super management or leave accruals – the process can be a drain on staff. Free your team up from this essential task.

Globex Digital Offshore Payroll Services will take care of everything from, salary/loan administration, benefits, superannuation, deductions, reimbursements, database maintenance to providing employees 24 hours access to their income and tax details.

Our Payroll Officer will ensure employees are paid accurately and on time. They also keep track of overtime, leave, ensure you’re complying with local tax and Labour laws.

Advantages of Offshore Payroll Service

  • A time saver for your finance staff

    Outsourcing payroll services can save significant time for your finance staff. It will eliminate time-consuming tasks like data entry, payroll calculations, tax filings, and employee queries. This will free up your onshore finance staff to focus on strategic, high-value activities that can drive business growth.

  • Improve service levels for your own business or clients

    Payroll processing requires a high degree of accuracy, as even small errors can lead to significant problems. By having a dedicated, experiences payroll officer on the team, businesses can ensure that their payroll is accurate and compliant.

  • Save on business costs

    Hiring a full-time payroll officer locally can be expensive, especially for small to medium businesses. By offshoring payroll services, you can save money on employee benefits, training costs and most importantly – salaries. By hiring staff in countries like South Africa or the Philippines, you could save up to 60-70% on employment costs.

  • Solve talent shortages

    There is a widespread shortage of qualified accounting personnel. Tap into the global talent pool on solve your local hiring challenges. With offshore outsourcing, you’ll be able to access a pool of highly skilled professionals. They will have experience in your local market, and expertise in payroll regulations and processes. And importantly, be well equipped to carry out important payroll duties and ensure compliance with all relevant requirements.


What type of tasks can I outsource to an offshore payroll officer

  • Payroll calculation

    A payroll officer can calculate payroll for your employees, ensuring their salaries, commissions, taxes, and any deductions are accurate.

  • Payroll process

    Process payroll in a timely fashion, ensuring all your employees are paid on time.

  • Payroll administration

    Offload administrative tasks including maintaining records, handling enquiries from employees, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Time management

    A payroll officer can manage leave, overtime and attendance, and ensure they are accurately tracked and properly recorded.

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