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If the position you’re hiring for requires a highly technical skillset, you may want to conduct a test prior to a formal interview. Globex Digital Prescreened profiles does it for you in advance.

For employers, this is generally viewed as the entire pre-hire process from reviewing resumes to interviewing candidates. For recruiters, however, there may be more involved. Recruiters often screen candidates before submitting them to open positions.

General Screened profiles

  • Evaluating the current responsibilities of the candidate / applicant with the JD of the position.
  • Evaluating the educational qualifications of the candidate / applicant with the JD of the position
  • Studying the stability and years of experience of the candidate / applicant.

Globex Prescreened Profiles

  • Delve Deep
  • FF Connection
  • echnical Assessment

Our Prescreening process to give ready for Final interview Applicants

  • Delve Deep
    • Post we have reached the step of narrowing down the applicant pool to select few, we establish a direct communication with them, which is different from regular communication.
    • We make this as an opportunity to gather relevant information and delve deeper into their qualifications, experiences, and suitability for the position.
    • This allows us to gain insights beyond what is presented on their resumes or application materials.
  • FF Connection : Fact-Finding connection
    • We inquire about specific skills or experiences that are essential for the role. Additionally, we can seek clarification on any areas of their application that may require further elaboration.
    • We further assess their compatibility with our organization’s values, culture, and requirements for the position.
    • This step plays a crucial role in ensuring that we select the most suitable candidate who aligns well with our company’s goals and objectives.
  • Technical Skill Assessments
    • Technical interview is conducted either by our in-house technical team or by external experts.
    • Candidates are evaluated on their proficiency in relevant technologies, problem-solving capabilities, and their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios
    • This interview will thoroughly assess the technical skills and abilities of the applicants based on the specific job specifications or job description provided by our clients.

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